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#1 Tue, 1994-07-26 02:34
Armin Buettner
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gilmore Disco

Hello everybody!

Could some of you Saturnites post a discographie of the records that John Gilmore did outside the arkestra and which are available?

The things i know exist are: Mc Coy Tyner: Today & Tomorrow (Impulse)-available The one with Pete La Roca that was re-released under Chick Coreas Name Two with Andrew Hill on Blue Note Art Blakey : S make it One with Elmo Hope Blowing in from Chicago (Rereleased soon by Blue Note).

Thats all that comes to my mind while i am sitting in the bureau, might be more though.

I think that Gilmore is one of the ten greatest tenor players and it is always interesting to hear him in another surrounding.

By the way, how do you pronounce Gilmore? Is it as in " Jack and Jill" or as in "Guilty" ?


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