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I have a soft spot for Bernie Worrell's glorious rendition of 'Outer Spaceways' on 'Funk of Ages' - trouble is it doesn't last long enough!



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Steven M Scotten
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Can you help us? SUN RA

[quote=Pete Gianakopoulos]this record overseas has fallen into public domain
and was reissued already on cd
they've now changed copyright laws extensions overseas so you won't see any
shoddy beatles & stones licensed reissues like the first dylan record that
was already issued like all those old blues/r&B collections and massive
clamshell sets of jazz appearing everywhere[/quote] I'm curious about this.
When you say "overseas" which country or countries? Laws vary from country to
country. I'm as staunch a supporter of copyright as you'll find, but I'm very
concerned about things where a third grader can get hauled off in handcuffs
for doodling Mickey Mouse™ on the margin of his homework but the recordings
of musicians who are still alive can't demand any royalties. I'm also curious
about the copyright extensions you mentioned. Do those changes extend or
rescind extensions of copyright? This has also made me concerned—my copy of
*Futuristic Sounds* is on CD and I don't know where I bought it (probably
about fifteen years ago). How likely is it that I have a legitimately
licensed CD?

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