Illuminati, Cosmic Krewe, etc.

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Maggie Mortensen
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Illuminati, Cosmic Krewe, etc.

Steve Ramirez sez:

Would this be Jenna Mammina? She is a great singer who is quite active in the Bay Area music scene. I saw her at the Fillmore a few weeks back singing with Joe Gallant's Illuminati. Illuminati is doing a short tour in support of their recent Knitting Factory release "The Blues For Allah Project".

Thanks for all the info on Jenna's doings...I enjoyed her work so much I really want to keep abreast of her career. Talked to her a bit at JazzFest this year and she's every bit as charming an individual as she is a singer.

Mike Ray and the Cosmic Krewe were slated to join an Illuminati college tour this summer but other obligations got in the way. Too bad. I understand, though, that both Peter Apfelbaum and Jenna will be joining the Krewe on their West Coast gigs this year...should be great.


Joe Moudry asked:

Could I just ask here, so that the ordering information would be broadcast to all of Sturn? I'd love to know how to place the order.

I don't really know what Mike & Gloria's plans are for this cassette, whether it's for sale or for promo purposes, but I know they have quite a few and I'm sure they'd be glad to get you one: just fax them at 504.593.9543, or call them at 504.593.9544.

BTW Joe, wasn't it you who was working on a Saturn or Ra web site? Wussup with that endeavor?


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