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Re: Sun Ra Pixmaps

July 25, 1994


 A friend of mine, Mr. Alan Nahigian, who is himself a
 Saturnite - although because he does not own or operate a
 computer, he is not on the list - recently presented me with
 two tapes of interest.

 Both of these are the great DISNEY SHOW!

 1.   Ulrichsberg, Austria, 4/29/89: this is listed as only
 rumored to exist in the tapeography.  Now we have it in
 excellent sound!

 2.   Botton Line, New York, 2/6/88: It was great to hear
 this tape, because I was there, and now I know it was as
 great as I remembered.  As far as I can tell, this wasn't
 listed at all in the listing.

 If any one wants a copy of either - particularly Mr.
 Campbell - just send me an E-mail!

 Incidentally, if Mr. Campbell is reading this, I just want
 to say that the disco-tapeography is great, I'm reading it
 all the time!

 And remember,

"Some call me Mr. Ra Some call me Mr. Re But you can call me Mister Mystery!"

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