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Re: MC5/RA (Long!)

Dan- Thanks for the informative post. The focus on John Sinclair was particularly interesting to me. When I arrived in Ypsilanti in 1970, Sinclair was a major controversial figure. His marijuana conviction was of course the most prominent, but there were all kinds of stories told about him going back to his mid-60's Detroit days going right up to his Ann Arbor period.

Much later, in the mid-80's I finally got to meet John and get to know him a bit through my work at WEMU. I found him to be principled and passionate, and yet laid back -- a very likable guy.

About three years ago John moved to New Orleans. He now works for WWOZ and writes about the very vibrant N.O. music scene. I saw him recently at Jazzfest and said hello. He said he loves it in Nawlins and sounded very happy. We were watching the Wild Magnolias put the crowd in a frenzy. John was having a great time -- and he was smoking a joint.

George Klein