SUNO RA Tribute/Kidd Jordan/T-Shirts

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#1 Thu, 1994-07-14 14:36
David Ewing
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SUNO RA Tribute/Kidd Jordan/T-Shirts

Michael Wilderman writes:

I have not heard much from the list about the T-shirt and I guess that not many of you have one. Saturnites, this is the T-shirt of your dreams. I would love to hear some impressions of the shirt. So, for the benefit of new subscribers - and a reminder to others - the shirt is available from Gear,Inc. at (800) 366-8337. I think their price is $15 plus about $2.50 S&H, and if you say that you are from Saturn (or if that embarrasses you, say you subscribe to the Saturn e-mail list) they will discount the shirt 10%. I have described the shirt in detail before, but they are 100% cotton black (only) with a montage of white photograhic images (my photos) of Ra and the Arkestra.

I, for one, am a happy owner of this shirt. Michael, could you give some history on the Arkestra photo (when and where was it taken? Left to right, who is who?).

By the way, I wore the shirt to see NRBQ on Saturday and stood right up front. Dave Gordon seemed to get a big kick out of it.

You can call and ask for a catalog to see what it looks like before you order. They have a nice line of shirts of the major jazz figures.

I'll second this. There are a couple of really nice Thelonious Monk shirts (not to mention Charlie Parker, and Duke Ellington, and Charles Mingus, and Miles, and ....). I wish they put out these as posters as well. They'd look great on my office walls.