---=== CultuRA'l * Diversity ===---

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Donald Leigh
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---=== CultuRA'l * Diversity ===---


Whut: Lecture entitled "CultuRA'l Diversity" Who: Conducted by Chief Mastar' Drummar' Of: sRA'ddha When: Wednesday March 13th 1996 09:00am -till- 11:00am <2-Hours> Where: Administrative Offices of H.O.P.E., Inc. Wichita, Kansas U.S.A. Subjects: sRA'ddha Faith Thee * Ancestors

       ---===  Ancient Egyptian Culture  ===---

       Egypt  --  Egyptos  -- Greece
       NOah:  Shem  --  Ham  and  -- YA'Pheth
       Ham  --  Hamitic  -- mizRA'im
       The Bible
       The Torah
       Martin Luther
       Roman Catholicism
       Thee * Lineage Of:  SHEM
       ARA'bic  --  ARA'maic  --  Hebrew  <Languages>
       Lord KRSNA
       Thee * Bhagavad-Gita
       Songs Of The Vaisnava Acaryas
       India  --  Hindu-Kush
       Sanskrit  <Language>
       Carribean Islands
       South America
       Chariots Of The Gods
       Buddhism  --  Buddhists  --  Saddharma Pundarika
       Sun RA' and His ARKestRA'

       ---===  Thee * 13th * TRIBE  ===---  <sRA'ddha>

This "Lecture" was video-taped and is a 2-Hour Video . amen .

It amen IS BEing edited and reviewed and will amen INDueTIME BE amen offered to Thee * Public amen FREE OF CHARGE sELah

This "Lecture" by Chief Mastar' Drummar' IS amen and WAS but another effort to make ALL * PEOPLE Aware and MoreAware Of: Ancient Egyptian Culture and likewise Sun RA' amen

Sun RA' and His Arkestra

Amoung other-things amen they are talking here in Wichita,Kansas and also going to the local library and viewing the video:

"A Joyful Noise"

And listening to the various Sun RA' Compact Discs available etc; etc; etc; .

amen Educating themselfs . Especially; The Young People .

And finally; RestAssured; it isNOT amen very often that Chief Mastar' Drummar' Of: sRA'ddha gives a "Lecture" . And--Again; This Lecture was for you YOU amen Thee * People . sELah

Peace and Prosperity from: Wichita,Kansas

WWWWWWWWWWWW ! sRA'ddha ! !xxxxxxxxxx! ! ! ! ! Chief Mastar' DRUMmar' Of: sRA'ddha !xxxxxxxx! ! ! Donald L. Leigh sraddha@southwind.net ! ! Date: Sunday March 24th 1996 ! ! Time: 09:05pm Late Evening -------- in Wichita,Kansas IXXXXXXI U.S.A. -------- OM Mani Padme HUMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm