---=== IN His * Presence ===---

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Donald Leigh
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---=== IN His * Presence ===---


i; Chief Mastar' Drummar' <Of: sRA'ddha> had the Great Pleasure and Honor of Personally BEing IN His * Presence not just once -but- Twice, Two Times . amen .

Upon meeting Him amen i gave Him many many Blessings and set at His * Feet . Sat at His * Feet to listen TO LISTEN . amen TO LISTEN to whutever He had to Say . sELah

His * BLESSings to me; was, His * Presence amen Sun Ra and His Arkestra amen to Bless Thee * People and to Bless The * Land . sELah

Thusly; are YOU * LISTENing !!! Thusly; i; Chief Mastar' Drummar' <Of: sRA'ddha> had amen HAD The * Opportunity to ask Sun RA' anything again i Said ANYTHING THAT I WANTED TO ASK HIM amen Face-To-Face . sELah

i didn't ask Him ah' Damn-Thing as so many foolish people attempted to do and wanted to do . During Their Reception . sELah

Again---i was All * Ears . amen .

Sun RA' Came amen back to Atlanta a second time and i had a Second Audience with Him . Backstage BEFore actually drumming with Him and The Arkestra amen Live and IN Living COLOR amen COLOR .

Again---i Listened amen was LISTENING amen no questions . No Questions whutsoever . amen .

Thusly; amen did Chief Mastar' Drummar' Have Two <2> Opportunities to ask Sun RA' Personally anything again ANYTHING THAT I WANTED TO ASK HIM ---and--- i had no questions . No questions then amen and i have none NONE *** NOW !!!


This amen IS Thee very first time this has been put to Writing amen and IS amen Ah' Great BLESSing . sELah

For; for years IT amen HasNOT been Spoken .

PutSimpy; those who NO Dont tell --and-- those who tell don't NO . hallELuya'

And you say you want to know something about: Sun RA' !!!

Peace and Prosperity from: Wichita,Kansas

WWWWWWWWWWWW ! sRA'ddha ! !xxxxxxxxxx! ! ! ! ! Chief Mastar' DRUMmar' Of: sRA'ddha !xxxxxxxx! ! ! Donald L. Leigh sraddha@southwind.net ! ! Date: Tuesday March 19th 1996 ! ! Time: 08:23am Early Morning -------- in Wichita,Kansas IXXXXXXI U.S.A. -------- OM Mani Padme HUMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm