Re: Date of Blast First poetry recital

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Chris Trent
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Re: Date of Blast First poetry recital


Sorry, a typo got in my previous posting there: Blast First give 27 October 1991 as the date of the poetry recording, not 1992.

Thanks for pointing to Hartmut's list of names for those 1966 pictures, confirming Herbie Griffin being around at the time, and placing him as a drummer. As the "Magic Sun" film lists the personnel in the order that I gave it in my last posting, maybe Akhbar is another percussionist.

By the way, have you noticed that Hartmut has found a name for the alto player (Jimmie Jackson) on those 1946 Wynonie Harris tracks? Maybe that is recent research - the last time I saw those sessions in a general discography the alto player was listed as unknown.