One more record?

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Patrik Tschudin
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One more record?

Hello out there

While on a short holiday in the italian part of switzerland i discovered and bought a double LP which is not mentioned in the Geerken-Book. I do not know, whether it is mentioned in Robert Campbells discographie of Sun Ra`s earthly recordings though.

Its a very ugly sampler recording featuring different tracks from the BLACK LION Catalogue (Ruby Braff, Memphis Slim, Ben Webster, Teddy Wilson and others). It has a picture of a young lion ripping a Memphis Slim Record-Cover into pieces. The Name of that double-LP is "Black Lion Jam Session". The Number of the record is Intercord (Black Lion^s German Distributor at the Time of release, 1973) STEREO 28 431-5 Z/1-2. Everything (Cover, Photos, production) was made in germany by german people. I do not know whether there are any other editions of this one from other parts of the world.

The one track by Sun Ra on this sampler is "Spontaneous Simplicity" (of course from "pictures of infinity). If this one was known before, i apologize- if not, a little expression of proudness (shame on me) creeps onto my face.


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