Sun Ra Video's

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#1 Sun, 1994-07-10 11:17
Mark Lamb
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Sun Ra Video's

Hello all...

I am new to list and thought Id drop a line to say hi to everyone.

A few questions...

I recently heard that Evidence is also re-issuing stuff from other bands/artists besides Sun Ra... if this is the case who are they?

Does anyone know the story behind the MC5/Sun Ra collaboration on the last track of Kick Out The Jams? I have always wondered about this..

Does anyone out there have a copy of 'Space is the Place' on VHS, or any other Sun Ra material on video. I have a copy of the "Mystery, Mr. Ra' video that is great. So if anyone would be up for trading let me know. I am also looking for any other videos dealing with "free jazz". Especially the Cecil Taylor video on Mystic Fire...

Thanks in advance..