The Earthly Recordings of Sun Ra

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#1 Thu, 1994-07-07 12:17
David Ewing
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The Earthly Recordings of Sun Ra


Saturnians and Saturnites, The Earthly Recordings of Sun Ra was published by Cadence Jazz Books on July 1. I'm supposed to be getting my copy today. You can order it from Cadence, Cadence Building, Redwood NY 13679-9612 USA. Phone (315) 287-2852 or fax 287-2860. It costs $22. Advertising will start appearing with the August issue of Cadence (which is being printed now).

Will this "just" be a discography (as if that wasn't a tremendous service, thanks) or will it also contain photos of the album covers, reviews of the recordings, etc.?

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