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Joe Moudry has offered to do the definitive Sun Ra web site, and I have agreed to provide a section on the film SPACE IS THE PLACE, which I produced and to which I have rights which would include a web site. I would plan to include audio and video clips from the film, along with stills and various production data.

When Joe gets serious I'll get serious. I have designed several sites including Hollywood Archaeology ( and Other Minds (

Jim Newman

Jim (& other Saturnians, since I decided to send this via Saturn), Still serious here, and am in the midst of setting up the network that the Web server will be an integral part of. The only problem is time, since I teach roughly thirty hours/week (training faculty & staff for Univ. of Alabama @ Birmingham). If you have goodies ready for the Big Time, send'em down and I'll place them on the Web server. You should be able to see what they'll look like in a few weeks.

Thanks for the offer, not to mention lots of effort.

Saturnally, Joe Moudry voice: (205) 934-3359 Development & Training fax: (205) 934-6540 The Univ. of Alabama @ Birmingham HRM Webmaster /|\