Wade in the Water

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Alan Saul
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Wade in the Water

Listening to Enlightenment at the moment on the radio. Bernice Johnson Regan is covering Sunny a bit on her series Wade in the Water, which is about sacred African-American music. Since it is widely broadcast on NPR stations in the US, some of you may get to catch it some time. She talked to John Gilmore a bit, nothing Saturn-shattering, but nice to hear him.

She spent more time with Pharaoh Sanders, and I think there is more to come. The whole series is quite worthwhile, and is in large part thanks to the MacArthur Foundation I believe, who awarded her a prize a year or two ago for her musicological work and musical productions with Sweet Honey in the Rock.

Horace Silver.

Wednesday Night Prayer Meeting now. Pretty superficial treatment of profound issues, but the music is great!

Now on to Max.

Chucho Valdez.

Delfayeo Marsalis.

No point.

They want to know if people want to order it. Call 1-800-923-3426 to vote I guess. (I have no connection except by ear, and that could be faulty.)

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