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This is a very scattered discography, with several hands pitching in from different directions; but more complete than those that turned up on rmb right after his death.

One more historical tidbit: Sonny originally took up saxophone, but his doctor advised him to give it up due to his asthma condition...

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Sharrock, Sonny Black Woman Vortex 2014 Sharrock, g; Dave Burrell, p; Norris Jones (now known as Sirone), b; Milford Graves, d; Linda Sharrock, voc; Teddy Daniel (sic), tp; Rich Pierce, b. (Daniel and Pierce on the latter three numbers only)

Black Woman/Peanut/Bialero (sic)/Blind Willy/Portrait of Linda in Th Colors, All Black.

No date given, but copyrighted 1969. Vortex was an ATCO subsidiary.

Sharrock, Sonny Monkey Pockie Boo Affinity 35 (originally on BYG)

Sharrock, g, slide whistle, vocal; Linda Sharrock, voc; Beb Guerin, Jacques Thollot, d.

27th Day/Soon/Monkey-Pockie-Boo.

Paris, 6/22/70.

Lancaster, Byard It's Not Up To Us Vortex 2001

Lancaster, as. fl; Sharrock, g; Jerome Hunter, b, el-b; Eric Gravatt Kenny (Keno) Speller, conga drums.

It's Not Up To Us/Last Summer/Misty/John's Children/Mr A.A./Dogtown/ the Rainbow/Satan.

no recording date given, but copyrighted 1968 by ATCO.

As a leader: Last Exit - Best Of Live (Enemy Last Exit - The Noise Of Trouble (Live In Tokyo) (Enemy Last Exit - Iron Path (Venture/Virgin Sharrock, Sonny - Band - Seize The Rainbow (Enemy Sharrock, Sonny - Band - Live In New York (Enemy Sharrock, Sonny - Band - Highlife (Enemy Sharrock, Sonny - Ask The Ages (Axiom Also plays on: Baker, Ginger - No Material (ITM Machine Gun - Machine Gun (Mu Mann, Herbie - Memphis Underground (Atlantic Sanders, Pharoah - Tauhid (MCA/Impulse Also on records: None

The above is a partial listing of some of the Sharrock recordings dis here recently...

Chuck Vance, who can't post to r.m.b asked me to post these additons t list:

Additions to the Sharrock discography:

  _Super Nova_  Wayne Shorter  (Blue Note)
  Marzette Watts Band  (ESP)
  _Paradise_  Sonny and Linda Sharrock  (Atlantic)
  _Koln_  Last Exit  (ITM)
  _Cassette Recordings, 87_ (also called _From The Board_)  Last E
  _Last Exit_  (Enemy)
  _Izipho Zam_  Pharoah Sanders  (Strata-East)
  _Open Fire_  Machine Gun  (MU)
  _Sonogram_  Pheeroan akLaff  (MU)
  _Eternal Rhythm_  Don Cherry (BASF)
  _Live At The Whiskey A-Go-Go_  Herbie Mann  (Atlantic)
  _Live At the New York Jazz Festival, 1972_  Herbie Mann  (Atlant

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