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Glenn Lea
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Jim Johnson writes:

Just read an obit today in Goldmine for Sonny Sharrock. In the obit it said that Sonny studied under Sun Ra. Could anyone elaborate on this? I thought Sonny was a doo-wop singer who had been ignored until Bill Laswell picked him up and recorded his stuff for Enemy. If he studied under Ra, is there any chance that he might have been one of the guitarists in the Disco 3000-era of Ra music? Does anyone know more about Sharrock's doo-wop background?

Laswell gets credit for his "rediscovery" in the 80s, but there's a lot more Sharrock before that.

Going on the mid 60s, Sonny was looking for work and Sun Ra took him under his wing briefly, though I don't believe they ever recorded together. Sonny then met up with Pharoah Sanders (via Sunny?), who provided his recording debug on Tauhid. Sharrock later spent 7 years with Herbie Mann (I saw this band 3 times -- Sharrock was playing the same way back then (67 or so) as he was last year. Then there was his brief association with Miles, his hard-to-find solo records, then true obscurity until Bill Laswell came along.

The doo-wop stuff predated all of this, i believe.

Glenn Lea