William Parker/Matthew Shipp tour dates...

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Marc Minsker
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William Parker/Matthew Shipp tour dates...

Though this posting has little to do with the Arkestra, it should be of some interest to those of us who do not live in the big cities of the north:

**** William Parker and Matthew Shipp will be touring the southern states during the month of February. This bass and piano duet is sure to blow the minds of the southern expanse! Parker/Shipp will be performing in Atlanta on Feb. 22.

I have just booked a show here in Columbia, South Carolina on Sunday, Feb.23 at the Gambrell Auditorium, University of South Carolina. Tickets are only $8, so there is no reason why free jazz fans of the south should miss this!

I'll post additional infomation on other Parker/Shipp dates in the near future.


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