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Space Probe

with an interesting listening interface


ps "classic jazz" ?!

Tue, 2010-12-28 23:25
Neal Neal Bo Beal
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Space Probe

Good to see this is coming out in 2011. I think "Earth Primitive Earth" should just be "Primitive" as EPE is from Continuation. Circe must be a different recording than from When Sun Comes Out, and the others are new titles to me at least. The Choreographer's Workshop years are my absolute favourite in the entire canon of Ra, so I'm happy to see more from the era surfacing.

"Your brain is simply wired to a nostalgic sense of audio distortion. You hear warmth, you think you hear grandeur, space, subtlety, all these things . . . but actually you're just satisfying an old recording in your brain." -Daniel Richler on vinyl.