"The Earthly Recordings" is great

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"The Earthly Recordings" is great

Sorry to disturb those of you who already know this, but for those who don't - I just wanted to give my personal testimonial as to what a great resource rlc's "The Earthly Recordings of Sun Ra" is. Until getting this book recently I didn't really understand the size and scope of Ra's catalogue, and the difficulty inherent in trying to catalogue things and to understand their relative context. Clearly Sun Ra chose not to play the game of recording only on occasion and therefore enabling the marketing of a single "product" every so often - rather, he documented himself constantly and moved on to new projects, leaving behind an immense, diffuse catalogue of work (in a way unlike any other artist whom I am familiar with) organized chaotically (which I understand may have been somewhat intentional).

The book is very thorough and I would think indispensible to anyone interested in collecting Ra's works. I recommend it most highly. I know that it can be ordered from Cadence Books for about $25 (postage included) - their phone # is (315) 287 2852.

On other subjects, since I've already bothered you all - is anyone out there a big Stuff Smith (do I even remember his name right? the violin player) fan? I'm wondering what his best stuff is and whether it's available. And whether the 2-CD Verve package is worth buying. Since he did play with Ra there is a link here; if anyone has opinions & would rather share them with me rather than the whole group please feel free to contact me at mcfarsc@springfield.grumman.com .


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