Carol Goss: Video Art and Jazz

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Carol Goss: Video Art and Jazz

Thanks again to Ihor who posted the news of this presentation taking place on this past Saturday, February 25th  in the John F.

Armstrong Wing of the Blake Library, 2351 SE Monterey Road, Stuart, Florida.
I had forgotten that many people told me when I moved to Florida some years past that Stuart was an area of artists and interesting people. And it is only a 30-40 minute drive from where I live in Jupiter.
 I arrived early and introduced myself to Ms. Goss, and we talked a bit and I told her of how I found out of the event and she was fascinated and so I told her a bit of the Saturn list.
She mentioned this to the audience before the program began, so perhaps there will be a swelling of membership.
 The program consisted of a 55 minute presentation of her video work, preceded by a discussion and followed by a question and answer period.
 Ms. Goss lives in New York and "winters" in Stuart, Florida. The whole event came about due to a conversation between Ms. Goss and the collections manager of the library, who introduced the proceedings.
 There were about 30 in attendance, few from Saturn.
 One forgets, in this day and age where our phones can do anything for us, be a map, a camera,etc. , that in the 60's video cameras where prohibitively expensive, as Ms. Goss mentioned hers cost nearly $35,000.00. And I was not aware that MS. Goss's husband is Paul Bley and their daughter is Vanessa Bley who has a cd  out on the Blue Note label. She mentioned working with artists relevant to the time frame, Warhol etc., the loft scene, and mentioned the varying techniques, using oscillators, televsion sets, all to create their art.
the program consisted of  11 videos:
 TOPOGRAPHY, Carol Goss, Paik Abe, video synthesizer, camera, oscillator; Paul Bley, electric piano; Bill Conners, electric guitar
 RINGS:  Carol Goss, video feedback; Paul Bley, piano
 PHENIX: Carol Goss, David Jones Colorizer, video feedback; Jaco Pastorious, electric bass; Pat Metheny, electric guitar; Paul Bley, electric piano; Bruce Ditmas, drums.  
*BLEY-MOORE: Walter Wright, David Jones Colorizer,Carol Goss, camera; Zoa, camera; Paul Bley, piano; Glen Moore, bass.  7-3-77 axis-in-soho
*SUN RA AND FRIENDS: Walter Wright, David Jones Colorizer; Carol Goss, camera; Zoa, camera; Sun Ra, piano; Ahmed Abdullah, trumpet; Danny Davis; alto; John Gilmore, tenor 7-3-77 axis-in-soho
*JAZZ AT THE GREAT AMERICAN MUSIC HALL: Carol Goss, Bill Ahern Video Synthsizer, Jimmy Guiffre, bass flute; Lee Konitz, alto  5-19-78
RE/TURN: Carol Goss, Amiga computer animation; Eugene Martynec, Atari computer music. 1994
S-CONSTRUCT: Carol Goss, Amiga computer animation; Don Preston, computer music  1994
DON'T WALK: Carol Goss, camera, video synthesis; Geordie McDonald, computer and percussions
RELATIVITY: Carol Goss, camera and video synthesis; Eugene Martynec, audio synthesis; Esais Johnson, dnace  2000
WRAPTURE: Carol goss, camera, video synthesis; Paul Bley, Kurzweil audio synthesizer, piano, Vanessa Bley, dance  2001
   All the videos were complete, short pieces, the three marked with asterisks, all live performances, where complete of course, but were obviously part of longer performances.
 The entire presentation was visually stunning and aurally stimulating. During the question and answer period, a query was broached as to which came first, the music or the video.
Ms. Goss touched on two, DON'T WALK which was edited to the music and RINGS, which was completed and then she went searching for a 4 minute and 30 second recording by her husband Paul Bley to go with the video. It was while viewing RINGS that I realized dimensions of Paul Bley's playing that I was unaware of. A wonderful bluesy, melancholy melodic touch.
The Sun Ra piece was one that I had heard before, but could not place, very swinging, and very out with Danny Davis screeching to the stratosphere.
All in all, it was a most delightful 2 hours in a Saturday afternoon in Florida.


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Stuart Kremsky
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Carol Goss: Video Art and Jazz

Thanks for that report, Lenni,

i knew about the bley connection. the cover images for his improvising artists label were taken from her videos, including sun ra's solo piano, volume 1.

--stuart (no relation to stuart, florida that i'm aware of ...)