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Gary Lawrence Murphy
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I Am … We Are … It Is | Reality Sandwich

this is a little off topic, but perhaps not, it was just that of all my connections online, I couldn't think of anyone else who might actually read http://www.realitysandwich.com/i_am_we_are_it_is and get something out of it. More or less, it is about Burning Man and how it may relate to the pathways towards the alter-destiny

They want a myth, and I was once incautious enough to tell a reporter that it corresponded to the anniversary of a lost love affair. That story has now circled the globe, and it's been interpreted and reinterpreted as myths often are. I've been told that I was burning myself, that I was burning my ex-girlfriend, that I was burning my ex-girlfriend's new boyfriend, but none of these stories are true. They're factoids. They're myths in the modern sense of the word: distortions of the truth. And yet people keep asking me this question, and I think it's because they're looking for a myth in the older and more profound sense of the term. But myths are not about chains of causation or rational reasoning. They tell us that the essence of things is contained in first causes, and that everything, as in any vision, emanates radically out of this. That's what people are asking me to tell them. That's the nature of the story that they need to hear. So I will tell you that story.

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pretty good story you got here, huh..:)

pretty good story you got here, huh..:) Anyway I also got something for you to check out..;) Recently while I was doing something I found this article which for me an interesting story too. I found it here: Former Harry Potter dog actor homeless