sun ra at paul's mall in bosto

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sun ra at paul's mall in bosto

I had forgotten about the Boston Globe Jazz Festival (hell, it was 42
years ago) was the 1969 Festival, produced by George Wein, and
the first one to feature non-mainstream acts. Frank Zappa and the
Mothers headlined one night [Roland Kirk was on the bill and sat in
with them]. it was the winter of '69, and Wein did more of the same at
Newport that summer. Sadly, I was a bit too young at the time to see
these shows.

There's a Downbeat article about it here - The mainstream
artist you were wondering about Michael was BB King.

Curiously, Zappa had cleared a Boston venue (the Psychedelic
Supermarket) in about 5 minutes on the Mothers first engagement in
1967, according to friends of mine who were there. The Mothers has a
much better showing in 1969, as I remember and this article

br cleve

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> I saw Sun Ra at the Boston Globe Jazz Festival around 1968.  I'm not sure of the year and would appreciate the date, if anyone has it.  It was the first time I saw the Arkestra.  The show had Nina Simone, Hugh Masakela, and somebody else kind of mainstream (anybody know who?) and when the Arkestra came on to end the evening, there was an unbelievable mass exodus from the theater.  I never saw anything like it.  We went with our neighbors, who wanted to leave, but I planned ahead and had driven. I told them that this was what I came to hear.  Of course, Ra also played the Newport Jazz Festival in July 1969.
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