Making sounds visible: cymatics

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Making sounds visible: cymatics

> Here's a very nice and simple ted-talk.

i really like TED! there is always something good there - thanks!

following the various links in the comments for that TED talk, i got
to (about them
doing some cymatics in the great pyramid) which made me wonder just
how big that room (the king's chamber) really is, dimensions-wise, so
i googled
which goes on about a project at the great pyramid and at the sphinx
(Mystery of the Sphinx (1993) (TV))... and has some interesting
observations about F# (f-sharp).
more about the chamber more about
different chords in the pyramids (towards the bottom)
more on sounds and pyramids around the world - combines several
articles from all over. Dr. Zahi Hawass - Minister of Antiquities osiris shaft

I-) ihor
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