Website themes and "Community Feedback"

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#1 Sun, 2010-12-26 12:24
Steven M Scotten
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Website themes and "Community Feedback"

Some of you have noticed already that the profile page on the website allows you to select a "theme" to change the visual presentation of the website. I have not done any visual design work on the site and so I've added a selection of themes for you to choose from. After I hear complaints and compliments I'll either narrow that list down or create a theme for the site myself.

The default theme works pretty well, but the rest of them are largely untested. You try them out at your own peril. They may have, as someone already pointed out, yellow text on white backgrounds. If you are adventurous and try out different themes and come across a probem (like yellow text on a white background, report it to the Community Feedback forum:

which is there so that you can make suggestions or talk about the site without it going to the whole list.

In the Community Feedback forum I've created a poll so that you can express your preference of your favorite theme.