Re: sun ra special on esp disk radio

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Re: sun ra special on esp disk radio

How much of it is actually unreleased/rare recordings?

a real mix of stuff... the 3 Esp lp's, Nu sounds, Red Saunders and other early (and available) material. Some interesting interviews with Stollman, Pharoah Sanders plus many Ra poems and statements etc

parts 4 and 5 have the REALLY interesting stuff...

-extra material from 'Universe In Blue' session -extra material from Egypt 71-12-17 - SITP film outtakes -Grendels Lair 78 and 79 -Bottom Line 77 -Left bank 79 -Public theatre 78 -University Toronto 78 -Smuckers 79 ( with alternate lead female vocal...DEEP SOUL MUSIC )

He has done a great job on this, it is certainly worth hearing.

Chris H.