Sistas' Place/Billy Bang and Ntozake Shange/Saturday,

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Sistas' Place/Billy Bang and Ntozake Shange/Saturday,

Sistas' Place, 456 Nostrand Avenue at Jefferson Avenue (where Jazz:=C2=A0=20= A=20 Music of the Spirit Lives and Culture is a Weapon), presents violinist=20= Billy=20 Bang with poet/playwright Ntozake Shange, bassist William Parker and=20 percussionist Sabor in a special summer event, Saturday, August 23rd at 9=20= and 10:30pm! =20 =20 =20

The last of the summer series brings together some contemporary giants in=20 the creative arts. This combination of artists, put together by Billy Bang= ,=20 will prove to be amazing. The great artist Ntozake=20 Shange has demonstrated her mastery of the spoken and written word in any=20 form. Billy Bang's mastery of the violin is something to behold as it is f= rom=20 another dimension yet always totally rooted. William Parker's bass playing= is=20 a powerful addition to any group and Sabor's percussion sensitivity is=20 legendary. Don't miss this one!=20 =20

=C2=A0Check out the web-site at for more information.

For more information on Jazz: A Music of the Spirit---( Coming events:=20 =20 Season Opener, Saturday, Sept 27- Artists- TBA =20 Great Things Are Happening in Brooklyn! =20 SISTAS=E2=80=99 PLACEeTThell as educating and creating new opportunities f= or=20 emerging artis YOU=E2=80=99VE GOT TO CHECK OUT SISTAS' PLACE IT=E2=80=99S REALLY SUCH A GROOVY SPACE THE VIBES ARE WARM, THE MUSIC=E2=80=99S HOT I CAN GUARANTEE YOU=E2=80=99LL LOVE THIS SPOT. JUST IN NEW YORK FROM OUT OF TOWN? TAKE MY ADVICE GET BROOKLYN BOUND. DON=E2=80=99T HESITATE--JUST COME AND CHECK OUT SISTAS=E2=80=99 PLACE!.... =C2=A0=C2=A0=C2=A0=C2=A0=C2=A0 =C2=A9=C2=A02001 James Phillips=C2=A0 =20 Programs at Sistas' Place are produced by The CODE Foundation in associati= on=20 with Shamal Books & Melchizedek Music Productions, and partially funded by= =20 private and public grants from BET J and the office of Councilman Al Vann. =20 =20 =20 =20 =20 =20 =20 =20 =20 =20 =20 =20 =20 =20 =20 =20 =20 =20 =20 =20 =20 =20 =20 =20 =20 =20 =20 =20 =20 =20 =20 =20 =20 =20 =20 =20 =20 =20 =20 =20 =20 =20 =20 =20 =20 =20 =20

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