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Re: chicago details

"c" == charles blass writes:

c> i really disliked hypnotic brass.  it sounds like a college marching
c> band playing hip hop.

That's a little cruel. I think of them more like Moondog for MySpace, but without the 7/4, 9/4 and what/for.

What I like best about them is trans-musical: they take their music out to the places where people need to hear it and just play. The principle violinist of the Washington Symphony was ignored by street-level crowds, and you'll see that result touted all over the mainstream musicology as evidence of mass ignorant brutism, but these kids draw them in from blocks around, solid proof that, to make a better world, you just have to find the better music. That's worthy of some support, I think.

The music itself is well-executed real-musician hiphop (ie it breathes) and the delivered message is healthy and positive, and that alone only describes some rare hip-hop, and maybe brings up the whole question of the Five Percenters and NOI and their respective record labels and minshare bids and yet another subtle influence of Sun Ra on today's youth culture. Whether HB are the youth-corp of the United Nations of Outerspace is maybe undecided, but between them and Avreel Ra, I've not heard of that many options for our youth outreach.

as for college marching bands, I just discovered the Rebirth Brass Band yesterday and man, oh man, if /that/ is what your average college bands grow up into, it's maybe worth it to endure a dab of US politics! I mean, that is the point, right? to wake 'em up, tune 'em up, remind 'em they're alive :)

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