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Ken Waxman
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Re: 'The Insane Race'-Colors


Appreciated the late 1960s cinematic reference, but fear you have your present day colors wrong with: "i am curious (yellow) too!"

green is the color of envy and red of anger yellow, on the other hand, "is the color of my true love's hair in the morning ..." Ken

--- ihor sunra wrote:

A bit on the defensive side I'd say. Since you decided to make this public, Paul, do you mind telling us what your intentions are for this tape?

i am curious (yellow) too!, how much did the tape go for?

according to the ebay page:

Winning bid: US $1,210.00

Ended: Feb-16-06 16:56:30 PST Start time: Feb-09-06 16:56:30 PST History: 23 bids (US $9.98 starting bid) Winning bidder: arkestraphile ( 115)

whew!!! now i REALLY wanna know.

i extend my congratulations, one thousand two hundred and ten times!

I-) ihor

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