Yochanan - George Hines

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Ken Waxman
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Yochanan - George Hines

Hi gang:

As I'm typing this I'm listening to Maurice McIntyre's Humility In The Light Of Creation (1969), a great, early AACM disc BTW.

Anyhow, among the people represented on this disc (Malachi Favors, Thurman Barker, Leo Smith etc.) is one George Hines on vocals. Both his delivery and sounds resemble that of our old buddy Yochanan, so prominently featured on The Singles collection.

Now I'm not suggesting that the two gentleman are one and the same, but considering they both were from Chicago is it possible that Yochanan actually influenced someone?

Anyone know what happened to George Hines BTW. Apparently McIntyre used him on this session after he sat in with his (McIntyre's) band in a club.

Ken Waxman

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