"The Cricket" quote from Jan 29, 1968

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Steve Petermeier
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"The Cricket" quote from Jan 29, 1968

Margaret Davis posted a great quote by Sun Ra:

"... After all, if anything changes, it will be through the word 'alter/alteration/ alternative,' because how can you dare to speak of change if you do not have an alternative? The alternative to limitation is INFINITY. Yet be warned! Infinity is precision discipline. Infinity being INFINITY is naturally of duality, because, & as it is written, 'The secrets of widsom are double to that which is.'"

I'm curious who Sun Ra is quoting at the end here. Where is 'The secrets of wisdom are double to that which is' taken from? On "Stars That Shine Darkly, vol. 2" there is a Ra composition called "The Double That ..." and the quote makes me think this title refers to this concept. Can anyone verify the source of the quote and/or it's possible relation to the composition?

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