[nonra] Fw: HIGH ZERO: Visionary Experimental Music Festival,

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[nonra] Fw: HIGH ZERO: Visionary Experimental Music Festival,

I posted about this before but this is an update...

thanks mr foster, glad you dug the show--

Long Live Sonny!

[ listening to lester young interview.... classic!! ]


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Subject: HIGH ZERO: Visionary Experimental Music Festival, Baltimore, Sept 21st-24th

HIGH ZERO: Visionary Experimental Music Festival, Baltimore, Sept 21st-24th!!! (please spread to ANYONE who might be interested!)



Less than a month away, the second annual HIGH ZERO Festival is a visionary event, intended to radically broaden the conception of music, culture, and "expression"--an apocalypse of focused creativity and spontaneous culture through the medium of "Total Improvisation" in music. The festival brings together 34 of the most interesting and inspired free improvisors from Baltimore, North America and Europe for 20 official sets of purely improvised music over four days; plus 'guerilla' street concerts, documented interviews, and numerous private recording sessions.

An event of unique scale and idealism on the east coast, the festival is structured to cultivate the maximum new music, through entirely new collaborations (no pre-existing groups invited), and an anti-commercial sensibility which promotes maximum risk-taking and exploration of the strange and ineffable.

All the information on the festival, including directions, copious notes on the musicians, and many MP3 sound files, can be found at the festival's rich web site:


We are wildly excited and expect the festival to exceed our already high expectations from last year's already revolutionary event. Tickets for the festival are available at the door or through Normals Books and Records (425 E. 31st STreet, Baltimore, 410 243-6888). Amazingly, the festival is a largely unfunded, grass-roots effort, so we are still looking for advertisers for our program, volunteers to help during the fest, places for musicians to stay, and for donations from individuals to help carry the costs. The festival is mainly possible due to the enthusiasm of the performers, many of whom have donated heavily of their time to the festival. The festival is organized by the critically acclaimed red room collective (www.redroom.org). Special thanks are already due to The Charles Theater, The Visionary Art Museum, The 14 Karat Cabaret, The Abell Foundation, Normals Books, Laure Drogoul, Doug Wolf, and Andy Hayleck.


Information (reprinted from web site)

Schedule =======+ Thursday, September 21st, 9:00 PM THE AMERICAN VISIONARY ART MUSEU 800 Key Highway (in the Inner Harbor)

Friday, September 22nd, 9:00 PM THE 14 KARAT CABARET 218 West Saratoga Street

Saturday, September 23rd, TWO SHOWS!!! 12:30 pm mid-day show THE CHARLES THEATER 1711 North Charles Street

Saturday, September 23rd, TWO SHOWS!!! 9:00 PM night SHOW THE CHARLES THEATER 1711 North Charles Street

Sunday, September 24th, 9:00 PM THE 14 KARAT CABARET 218 West Saratoga Street

A full schedule of sets and groupings of player is online at


Concerts are $10 each. Venues hold at least 150 people, but we expect high attendance, so advance tickets are a good idea.

Musicians =======+ Magali Babin (Montreal, Canada): objects and transducers John Berndt (Baltimore): reeds, electronics, strings Tom Boram (Baltimore): guitar, piano, taps Dave Champion (Philadelphia): trombone Vattel Cherry (Baltimore): acoustic bass James Coleman (Boston): theremin John Dierker (Baltimore): reeds Bob Falesch (Chicago): keyboards and computer Neil Feather (Baltimore): self-made instruments Gianni Gebbia (Palermo, Italy): saxophones Carol Genetti (Chicago): voice Joe Giardullo (Poughkeepsie): saxophones Lafayette Gilchrist (Baltimore): keyboards Paul Hoskin (Seattle): reeds Matt Ingalls (San Francisco): clarinet Michael Johnson (Pittsburgh): saxophones and electronics Scott Larson (Baltimore): accordion, guitar & electronics Eric Leonardson (Chicago): springs & things Jerry Lim (Baltimore): guitar, Baltimore Toshi Makihara (Philadelphia): percussion Bob Marsh (Chicago): voice, electronics, cello, piano Joe McPhee (Poughkeepsie): reeds, trumpet Sean Meehan (New York): percussion Ian Nagoski (Philadelphia): electronics John Oswald (Toronto): saxophone and dance David Prentice (Toronto): violin Catherine Pancake (Baltimore): drums, dry ice, objects Greg Pierce (Baltimore): drums, guitar, saxophones Julie Pomerleau (Chicago): violin Evan Rapport (Baltimore): reeds Jon Rose (Amsterdam, Holland): violin and electronics Bob Wagner (Baltimore): drums Jason Willett (Baltimore): anything Jack Wright (Boulder): saxophones, piano