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Gloria Powers
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Writer Robert Palmer

I have been asked by Jo Beth Britton to post the following information about beloved writer and blues producer Robert Palmer (Deep Blues, History of Rock & Roll, and hundreds of articles over the years in every major music publication including Rolling Stone).

Robert Palmer is currently in the hospital in need of a liver/kidney transplant. Although in the care of doctors at the Tulane University Medical Center in New Orleans for three years where had monthly liver function tests and blood tests and was told he was stable, his condition kept deteriorating, then he was REFUSED admission because he was a FINANCIAL RISK. So two weeks ago Jo Beth took Robert back to his home state of Arkansas where he was admitted to the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences Medical Center, 4301 West Markham St., Little Rock, AR 72205 (Room #341). There the doctors discovered that Robert had a chronic Kidney infection that the Tulane doctors had not discovered or treated...life threatening! Robert's condition has improved somewhat, and now they want to move him to either NY or Memphis for a kidney/liver transplant.

This talented writer and producer that has given so much to the American public with his articulate and well researched pieces on the music and musicians in our lives is only in his early fifties....he deserves an opportunity for better health so he can continue writing and producing (Fat Possum Records). The family has the $10,000 needed to have him admitted into the transplant unit, they must raise another $100,000 for the actual transplants.

In addition to sending him your get well cards and thanking him for all the wonderful work he's done....please find it in your hearts to send a tax-deductible donation to GIORNO POETRY SYSTEMS/ROBERT PALMER FUND 222 Bowery, New York, NY 10012.

This is another example of our culture's misplaced values....artists, writers, musicians and every citizen should have adequate health care...provided through a national system as in all other western civilized countries....not another military weapon should be manufactured until funds have been provided for this nation's health care! We must each make it our job to let all elected officials know that national health care is a #1 priority....followed strongly by support for the arts....200 years from now the world will still have books by Robert Palmer to appreciate...and great blues and roots music to listen to that he produced.....all the nuclear submarines and missile systems will have rusted into oblivion....we all need to rise up and make PEOPLE and CREATIVITY the priorities of the richest nation in the world!

Any journalists and personal friends of Robert's should contact me directly for additional information and telephone contact numbers for Bob & Jo Beth.

Please say a prayer and send a donation on behalf of one of our generation's best music writers!

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