2nd Anouncment TAPE TREE

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#1 Tue, 1997-09-09 18:30
Tim Agurkis
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2nd Anouncment TAPE TREE

Im posting this for a second time becuase i know that a lot of people are back at collage and didn't get this the first time!

To thoese who care to read i am running the following tree and As memeber of this list i thought you would maybe want to know and have the option of participating in this tree. . It's For Stacey Starkweather and Option Anxiety and James Harvey and Standard Shift at Rio's Cantina in Winooski VT


Application Form. Replace all _ with the correct answer.

*to: Tapetree@juno.com * *subject: TapeTree 8\?\97 * *from: you@your.address *

Name:_ E Mail Address:_ Street Address:_ State and Zip Code:_ Phone Number:_ When Will You Be at this Address Till?_ Number Of Decks:_ Type Of Deck(s) and Numbers Of Heads:_ Can You Spin atlest 3 Copies:_

This tree will Close September 19th 1997 at 12AM. There are only a few ways you will not get on this tree. 1.You apply after the deadline 2.You sign up as a Leaf 3.You don't complete your apllication 4:You send the e mail to elgurk@juno.com

Those two shows will require one 110 minute tape and 2 90 mins. I'll warn you that there are a couple of analog flips that cut certain tunes, but it really doesn't detract too much overall. The show was taped by Mr. Pete Gershon

(for both) Mics: Sony 737a (directly in front of the musicians) > Deck: Sony D6 (analog)

Stacy Starkweather & Option Anxiety 8-13-97 Rio's Cantina, Winooski, VT featuring... Stacy Starkweather: electric bass Dave "The Truth" Grippo: alto sax Dave Ellis: trumpet, fluegelhorn James Harvey: trombone, piano, vocals Gabe Jarrett: drums

James Harvey & Standard Shift 8-26-97 Rio's Cantina, Winooski, VT featuring... James Harvey: trombone, piano, vocals Dave "The Truth" Grippo: alto sax Bruce Sklar: piano Stacy Starkweather: electric bass Gabe Jarrett: drums

I would like this tree to move fast. You will be spinning for atlest 3 people it depends on how many sign up. DO NOT SIGN UP AS A LEAF. If you do your message will be deleted. Branches will be chosen by the quality of the Decks. Ex. A 3 Head Nakamichi will have preference over a 2 Head Sony. The Structure will be e mailed to the lists and to all the people participating. It won't be posted on a web site. If you need a copy of the structure just e mail Tapetree@juno.com after Sept. 16th.

Peace Tim