What do aliens wear?

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#1 Thu, 2002-10-17 12:40
Margaret Grimes
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What do aliens wear?

Dear Saturnites,

There's a space~related event taking place tonight in NYC; it's called (I wonder who came up with this one) "The Great Show Show Show: Live...from Space!!!" I'm told it's an "action~packed journey to the center of the solar system" performed by five clowns, astronauts, break dancers, &/ or the madcap Bindlestiff Family Cirkus [sic]. Apparently one receives half~price admission if "dressed as an alien," though I don't know what happens if you're nude, it being in Times Square & all. At any rate, this takes place at Palace Variety at Chashama, 125 West 42nd Street, 212~5O2~3662, it's at 7 p.m., & the non~alien price is $1O.

Someplace I have a tape of Sun Ra speaking about a special glowing fabric made in space from which suits could be obtained, & if I can put my hands on that tape any time soon, I'll let you know word for word what he said.

Suitably suited, Margaret Davis, Editor & Publisher, "Art Attack!," the publication for & about liberation musicians in NYC (& beyond), on the Web at http://www.jazznewyork.org .

P.S. "Sweet Butterfingers," the SONNY SHARROCK book, is now on the Web! Just go to my home page, look for Sonny's name, & click on the guitar button.

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