[OT?] Sun Ra Radio Show

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#1 Fri, 2005-02-11 12:39
Faust Gertz
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[OT?] Sun Ra Radio Show


This might be slightly off topic. I have an hour long, weekly radio show on a college station <kwlc.luther.edu> and decided that I would like to dedicate a semester or two to the music of Sun Ra. I am not as familiar with Sun Ra's music as I would like to be, which is part of the reason for doing a Sun Ra only show. Almost all of my collection is from eMusic (which includes many Evidence, Atavistic, ESP, and Leo releases). Do folks have any suggestion as to what would make for good shows or how to approach putting it together? If not, I will probably either just play what I like or work through the music I have in chronological order. Do other Sun Ra shows exist? If so, are they on the internet? Do folks have any favorite performances of Ra's music by other artists (Ken Vandermark, Ken Field, Oddbar Trio, Roger Miller, etc...)?

Thanks in advance for you suggestions,