Visions of Sun Ra; Arkestral sightings

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Margaret Grimes
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Visions of Sun Ra; Arkestral sightings

Hey, Saturnites, since it's Monday morning, I thought I'd let you know that some amazing Sun Ra film footage will be shown at the Vision Festival this year. I'm exploring a few details & will get right back to you, but the date will be Sunday, 6/2 starting at 5 p.m., the place Anthology Film Archives here in NYC, & the films are Phil Niblock's "Magic Sun" + 5O minutes of material described as "Sun Ra Arkestra's Private Films, 16 mm., silent, b&w & color."

As to Arkestral sightings, here's a little quiz for you: Where does Charles Davis do research in Black Culture? Why is Vincent Chancey seeing Cornelia, Marshall Allen Nola, & Alan Silva, Cecil Taylor, Bill Dixon, & Tony Oxley Victoria? Just how metropolitan is Brother Ah these days? (& slightly off~theme, where is the great & adorable Maxine Brown, anyway?) For the answers to these & many other questions (all together, now): .

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