Where is the good jazz on the radio?

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Margaret Grimes
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Where is the good jazz on the radio?

Dear Russ Gershon,

On the question of where there is "good jazz" on the radio, here in NYC we have the great Columbia University student~run all~volunteer station WKCR~FM, 89.9, cybercasting at http://www.WKCR.org 24/ 7/ 365. WKCR broadcasts the best (& once in a while even the worst!) of many kinds of music in a wide variety of idioms, languages, styles, & regional accents, etc., so "jazz" is not on its air waves around the clock. But when it is, there's courageous, sometimes even visionary programming in great proportion, as well as a fair amount of the sort sometimes known as "classical jazz." In addition, WKCR has a treasure trove of archival material going back half a century or more, including on~air interviews & in~studio concerts. There are probably hundreds of hours of Sun Ra interviews, lectures, & concerts that took place at WKCR & are still re~broadcast by the station from time to time. Sadly, the WKCR antenna (as well as those of most area radio stations) stood atop the World Trade Center & was destroyed last September, so just now the station's broadcast range is much smaller than it was (via temporary antenna on the Columbia campus now), but WKCR's people are working to restore its broadcast power.

To me, there's not another NYC~area radio station worth mentioning for programming in creative improvised music, but I carry a brief summary of the others on my Web site, http://www.jazznewyork.org , in the "special announcements" section, which includes my criticism of WBGO. It's rather strongly worded & entirely self~explanatory.

Ex~planet~arily, Margaret Davis, Editor & Publisher, "Art Attack!," the publication for & about liberation musicians in NYC.

P.S. About your detailed questions (DJs' names, hours per week, etc.), you can probably glean the answers from the station's Web site; better still, you can take out a membership & receive the monthly program guide, which will help the station & help you.

P.S. again: I like your Either / Orchestra: its sound, its music, & also its name!

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Hi Folks -

The end of jazz on WYSO has me thinking about where there is good jazz programming on the air these days. I have an extensive radio promo list for Accurate Records new releases, but things are changing all the time, so I'd appreciate all of your help.

My question is simple:

Where is there jazz on the radio in your area?

anything else you can tell me about the programming would be appreciated, eg, DJ's names, how many hours per week (more or less), what is the programming like (mainstream, adventurous, etc)...?

thanks for the help!

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