what do they mean?

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what do they mean?

i sometimes do a google search on 'sun ra'. sometimes it comes up with descriptions of bands and music as being somehow 'sun ra'-ish. two recent examples:

It's like the band UFO meets Jesus Christ Superstar meets Sun Ra. It's pretty over-the-top.

what does that even begin to sound like?

For the ambitious Atlanta band Mastodon, whose 2006 album "Blood Mountain" was one of the year's big genre-crossovers, the next move is to a place that Sun Ra, David Bowie and Lil Wayne have gone before them -- the mind-bending mysteries of the cosmos.

are they equating '...ground control, to major tom...' with 'i roam the cosmos' and 'discipline 27'???

am i missing something - do they even understand the slightest of where sun ra is coming from or what his music says?

I-) ihor