"The Village Voice": Sun Ra visits

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"The Village Voice": Sun Ra visits

"The Village Voice"

Week of July 4 - 10, 2001

Mondo Washington by James Ridgeway

Derbyshire Housewife Captures=20 UFO on Tape=20

Screened at NASA?=20

A British housewife recently sold a homemade=20 video of what she thinks was a flying saucer to=20 a Hollywood film producer. The BBC reports=20 officials at NASA want to look at her tape=20 because they think it might be the same kind=20 of craft the agency's cameras picked up on a=20 space shuttle mission. [Bold~face added.]=20

Sharon Rowlands of Derbyshire told reporters=20 she first heard an noise in the sky last October, then saw an object about two miles away.=20 "It resembled a giant disc with a bite taken out=20 of the bottom," she said. "As it hovered over the=20 woods, it seemed to expand and then get smaller=20 again. We could see it pulsing as if it started up=20 and then it just went. It came really close at one=20 stage and I thought it was going to land in the field." =20

The video reportedly shows a large craft with red,=20 yellow, orange, and blue lights, and with a dark=20 circle in its center. In the video, it turns over,=20 then shoots off in a red glare. The sighting seemed=20 doubly mysterious since there were no weather=20 disturbances.=20

Other people in this area claim to have seen=20 strange flying objects. One woman spoke of a=20 "ball of fire," and a man walking his dog said he=20 observed a "pink glow, vertically shaped like a=20 shoe box." What's more, a Scottish photographer=20 reportedly snapped a picture of a UFO flying over=20 Glasgow.=20

Additional reporting:=20 Ariston-Lizabeth Anderson and Sandra Bisin=20 Copyright 2OO1 "The Village Voice"=20

http://villagevoice.com/issues/0127/ridgeway.shtml .