"Personal Choices"

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Marc Minsker
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"Personal Choices"

The Sun Ra All Star Project consists of a broad range of musicians from almost every era of Sun Ra's various Arkestras, if >>you're wondering about legitimacy of the players involved.

Nah, I'm just wondering about the legitimacy of Ahmed's claim to lead the Arkestra.

If you are wondering about the quality of their performance you will just have to come and check them out for yourselves or >>continue to prefer to concentrate on heresay and gossip instead of enjoying some great Sun Ra music.

So your suggestion is for people to check out the music while Marshall and friends sit at home on Morton Street, unable to pay their bills! No thanks!

It should also be noted that the names mentioned, Michael Ray, Tyrone Hill and Marshall Allen were originally invited to be a >> part of this project, and it was their personal choice not to be.

Who can blame them? Marshall has just been demoted, and of course, his friends are loyal to him. I respect that very much. Maybe you and Ahmed can't recognize that sense of comradery and loyalty. If you did, this entire "take-over" would never have occured, and Marshall would still be in his rightful position....


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