YOUR greatest hits?

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#1 Wed, 2003-10-15 00:19
Steve Espinola
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YOUR greatest hits?

I've got insomnia tonight, so I'm going to do something positive with it.

Here's the question of the day: What would you put on YOUR Sun Ra greatest hits? If you wanted to convert a friend to Sun Ra, what would you put on your hits collection?

Here's mine, pretty much off the top of my head, probably missing stuff I would want to include. Mine would be 2 full least? It betrays my extreme preference for his "tonal stuff", especially ballads, and displays as well the fact that there's plenty of his stuff I haven't heard.

complete first album "Sun Song" (minus bonus track from middle of second half) "Dreaming" doowop song (from Singles) Saturn (either "Sound of Joy" or "JIS" version) "Advice to Medics" ("Supersonic Jazz") "Sunology" (perhaps pt 1 from "Supersonic Jazz") "Springtime in Chicago" ("Supersonic Jazz") El is a Sound of Joy ("Sound of Joy" version) "Enlightenment" (From "Sound Sun Pleasure", because it's in stereo there.) "Images" ("Jazz I S ") "Ancient Ethiopia" (any version) "Round Midnight" (From "Sound Sun Pleasure") "I could have danced all night" (From "Sound Sun Pleasure") "Planet Earth--> Eve---> Overtones of China" (the full side from "Visits PE") "October"/Adventur in Space" (from Singles) "Plutonian Nights" (from "Nubians"....probably one or two others, too.) "Angels and Demons at Play" "Somewhere in Space" (from "Interstellar Low Ways") "Interplanetary Music" (from "Interstellar Low Ways") "Space Loneliness (from "Interstellar Low Ways") "We Travel the Spaceways" (from "We Travel the Spaceways") "Tapestry From an Asteroid" (from "We Travel the Spaceways") "China Gate" ("Futuristic Sounds") "Anhk" (from "Art Forms of Dimensions Tomorrow") "Moon Dance" (From Cosmic Tones) [Something from "Batman & Robin", because I grew up on it, not knowing it was Sun Ra.] "Rocket Number Nine" (1967 single version) "Saturn Moon" (Singles) "Satellites are Spinning" (from Solar Myth Approach v 1) "Enlightenment" (vocal version from Singles) "Love in Outer Space" (Singles) "After the End of the World" (from Soundtrack to "Space is the place") "Disco 2100" (from singles) and...."It's Christmas Time"

That's around 45 songs. And how could I stop there???? really "Teenagers letter of Promises" and at least one Yochanan song should be represented...

There's very little overlap with the official "greatest hits", which simply says that his catalog is deep.

So....what about you?

Steve E.