"When angels speak of love"

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#1 Mon, 2000-10-09 07:18
Sam Byrd
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"When angels speak of love"

Re: Ed Rhodes' email

Well, even though I haven't said a lot about it on this list, I've certainly been thinking about this wonderful album quite a lot. I've listened to it extensively; most of my time though has gone into writing a long review of all the Evidence reissues for a local magazine. I wouldn't interpret silence on this list regarding WASOL to mean indifference!

The piece that blows me away the most is "Ecstacy of being." It's gonna take a while for me to really absorb it--there's so much going on.

Maybe no one has said as much about "Next stop Mars" because most of it has been available for a while, on "Out there a minute." It's great to have the whole unedited piece available.

I love Gilmore's playing on the whole album: I also love Walter Miller's, and think it's great to have this much more prime Walter Miller solos to listen to. I certainly agree with Ed Rhodes that this is an extremely important landmark recording--it's a damn great record!

Thanks, Ed, for writing about it. Interesting thoughts about the recording date.

Saturnally, Sam