you voted, and I've done it

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#1 Mon, 2000-10-02 16:50
Chris Trent
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you voted, and I've done it

OK people,

I tallied up the votes on keeping the list open or closed to non-subscribers, and got the following results:

open:     17
closed:   28
not sure:  2

I think this means we have to try closing the list. My own views were towards keeping it open, but as other people have said, it's not really such a drastic change.

This ONLY affects those people who post to the list without having subscribed to it.

There are two ways of handling such posts from non-subscribers: (a) discard them automatically, or (b) have a team of moderators sort through and approve them

Option (a) - zap all messages from non-subscribers - is simple, adds no administrative overhead, but might be a little draconian.

Option (b) - have people approve/discard each non-subscriber posting - involves more work for a few people, and might raise other issues, too.

Anyway, as of now, I'VE CHANGED THE LIST SETTINGS on a trial basis, to allow everybody with regular subscriptions to post freely, as before, and to simply send any non-subscriber posts to me, as list admin, in the short term, so that I can get a feel whether there are going to be problems.

I don't want to end up in a position where the list admin (that's me, at the moment) has to try to moderate all non-subscriber postings, alone, on a long term basis. I do intend to do this for a short time, to make sure the new system is working, rejecting spam while not disenfranchising people.

In the long term, are there any people who would be willing to share this task? if you are interested, please let me know.

Alternatively, would people really prefer all non-subscriber traffic to be zapped automatically, under option (a)?

Let's see how this goes, and hope that it improves things for those people who have been suffering with the spam.