"Strange Worlds" & tape resissues

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#1 Mon, 1997-10-06 13:24
Shawn Garrett
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"Strange Worlds" & tape resissues

Hello again.

 Well, here's the other part of my thoughts about THE SOLAR MYTH
 APPROACH II tracks, namely "Strange Worlds".

 After I saw that "Interpretation" would fit nicely on an album, I
 tried the same with "Strange Worlds". It is a live track vaguely dated
 1969 or 1970. It makes sense that it should be placed on a live album
 as a extra track. The only Arkestra records from that span that are
 live are ITS AFTER THE END OF THE WORLD (as we know, already slated
 for an expanded rerelease) and CONTINUATION. CONTINUATION has promise
 because it also features Akh Tal Ebah on mellophone ("Strange Worlds"
 features "space dimension mellophone" - mel. w/ contrabassoon reed)
 and is a Saturn, so there is that possibility that Evidence might get
 to it.

 But I started thinking about possible cd releases of some of the taped
 concerts from that period. And that made me think of something else:

 After the recent attempt to buy the metal parts at auction failed (due
 to underestimates of the bid), and the notice that Alton knows what we
 were planning, something has occurred to me. Has anyone considered
 what effort it would take to put out some of the better quality live
 concert tapes on single or double cd's? It seems to me that this might
 be an interesting venture to consider. Granted, there would be
 problems: finding the best quality tape (closest to the original),
 possible remastering or cleaning up, etc., and then all the costs of
 actually getting the CDs made. But it seems to me that this would be a
 way to not only get rare material out to the fans but also make sure
 that the Arkestra directly gets a chunk of the profit AND no
 copywright toes are stepped on. It could be done as something of a
 mail-order only, limited small run of cds available to the list with
 minor advertising on the web and in jazz magazines through print ads.
 If everyone on the list kicked in double the price (or a slight amount
 more) of a normal cd (IE $30-35 per cd, $60-70 for 2-CD long
 concerts), that might be enough to make sure everyone who contributed
 got one, that there were copies left over to sell (either by the
 Arkestra or for the Arkestra through a middle man) and maybe even
 money left over to place towards the next release.

 Does this sound nuts? I'm also part of The Residents mailing list and
 a similar thing may be happening soon over there. I know nothing about
 making CD's, mastering & packaging costs, how low "pressing runs" of
 Compact Discs can go, but I wonder if anyone would like to consider
 the idea!

 (imagine a 2-cd set of the Red Garter-Summer, 1970 and
 Paradiso-10/18/70? or The Newport Jazz Festival from 7/3/69 with
 "Strange Worlds" appended?)

 Any chance Black Lion will release the Queen Elizabeth Hall concert
 from 11/9/70? Maybe we could see how much they wanted for the rights!
 (actually, that's probably a little too much to expect but I can
 dream, right?)

 Anyway, how does everyone else feel about this idea?

 Shawn M. Garrett