A Black Mass CD reissue - problems?

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#1 Tue, 2000-01-04 18:15
Greg Drusdow
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A Black Mass CD reissue - problems?

In response to James Lindbloom's and other Saturn List member's postings asking about the comparative sound quality of the original Black Mass LP,= I contacted a friend who is one of the few who actually has the original Black Mass Jihad LP. The problems on the CD with sound dropouts and truncation of the beginning of words does not occur on the LP. The LPs overall sound quality is not exceptional, but remember that this was from=

the 1960's. The issues of the sound problems on the CD are difficult to explain unless the master tape that made the LP was also used for the CD and is now the worse for wear and age - this could cause some of the dropout problems. The other problems could come from a variety of causes=

that only the producers of the CD could best explain.

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