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[Fwd: New release by India Cooke]

Hi there - I pulled this off the "e-pulse!" mailing list put out by the editors of Tower Records' pulse magazine. There's info in the actual issues on how to subscribe if you're interested. I don't have it handy :(

  1. jazz disc of the week: 'REDHANDED' (Music & Arts) -- the debut release by San Francisco's INDIA COOKE -- ranks as one of the best new jazz platters we've heard in a long while. Violinist Cooke is backed by Bay Area musicians Lisle Ellis (bass), George Lewis (trombone), Larry Ochs (sax), Donald Robinson (drums) and Lee (percussion). In the past, Cooke has played with everyone from SUN RA and John Zorn to Barry White and Tony Bennett. The band she's assembled on 'RedHanded' is nothing short of amazing. The sextet weaves through an hour of compositions that are at times rich and frenetic, at other times sparse and solo-driven. The Bay Area improv scene seldom sounds so good.

Well, there you have it. Moreover, I've snipped a basically unrelated-to-RA bit from the same issue of this e-zine that I kinda dig. The comments are no revelation, but they certainly do hit the spot...

Doug Sahm is a prolific and energetic talker who can converse about many subjects. As gregarious as he is, he can also come off as opinionated. Which is usually a great way to make yourself unpopular in a too-polite business. "Yeah, it's true," said journalist Chris Morris, "but the guy doesn't have any enemies in the music business." Radio? "They got, like, 10 guys running it all now. It's all that alternative rock. Alternative? Hell, it's the most corporate conglomerated sound there is. And they make ya think that it's the only thing people wanna hear. They ain't even programming real music no more," says Doug... ...So what do you listen to instead, Doug? "Bobby Darin -- 'Beyond the Sea' with that big band. Fuck man, that's real music! Or I listen to Elmore James, Jimmie Rodgers, John Coltrane -- cats like that. "See, the real stuff has the Real Soul Vibe, brother."

Damn straight! It's time for a radio revolution!

I propose a sequel to the movie "VIDEODROME". It should be called "RADIODROME", and feature Roberto Benigni as a SERIOUSLY caffeineated Italian DJ that comes to NYC to work at hip new radio station, only to discover that the Rupert Murdoch-like tight ass (played by Ross Perot)"running the show" is actually a holographic image(always surrounded by bodyguards ;). Roberto(playing a DJ called "Chickenhead") discovers this after clumsily stepping right through his bosses' image in a Buster Keaton-like scene where he attempts to shake the hand of this elusive media mogul he so admires for bringing him to the land of Charlie Parker and down home bar-b-q.... Suffice to say that his romantic notions are shattered as he gets unwillingly sucked into a vortex of smoke, mirrors, conspiracies and "product" - only to end up joining forces with a corporate insider (played by Chris Elliot), who assures him he is NOT crazy, and assists him as they weave their way through a futuristic "virtual-music" world as they search for "the man BEHIND the man". Also starring Jackie Chan as a renegade pirate radio operator/martial arts expert from Brooklyn who hears of their plight and lends his support. I won't give away the ending, but will give you this hint: John Tesh.

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