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Re: Brotzmann at Unity Temple

From: Sun Ra and his Arkestra on behalf of Bill Meyer Sent: Thursday, January 23, 1997 1:38 AM To: Multiple recipients of list SATURN Subject: Brotzmann at Unity Temple


Thanks for the kind plug! FYI -tickets are $10 General Admission, $5 w/ Student ID and the one price includes both sets...just like the Arkestra.

I am really excited for this event...and will also be making some exciting announcements about upcoming porgramming!

Hope to see you at Unity Temple. Please stop and say hello.

All the Best,

Scott Black

Sorry if this is off the subject, but Chicago-resident Saturn members should know that Peter Brtozmann will perform at the Unity Temple (same place the Arkestra did) on Sunday at 6:00. He played duets and a couple trios with Mars Williams and Hamid Drake tonight, they sounded best when they were at their densest so the octet could be quite fine.


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