"When Angels Speak Of Love Liner" Notes

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#1 Tue, 1997-01-21 13:05
Gilbert Hsiao
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"When Angels Speak Of Love Liner" Notes

Dear Friends:

I'm new to the list (on since December, 1996) and in three years of being online, the Saturn Internet Discussion Group is definitely the most worthwhile thing I've found in Cyberspace (along with the Saturn website, of course). I've learned more about Sun Ra in the last two months than I did in the fifteen years I'd been attending his performances. I'm frantically trying to catch up with the archives, but I have to give it a rest. My eyes are spinning, my wife thinks I'm nuts, and I'm only up to December 1995.

Anyway, I read from the archives as of September, 1995, that if there was ever a back cover to "When Angels Speak of Love", it was not known to anyone in this group. My copy has the back notes.

Is this old news? New news?

If it's old news, sorry for taking your time and space.

If it's new news, I'd be happy to either post the notes (written by Natel Juni) and personnel listing and/or send xerox copies snail mail to anyone who is interested.

Also, I'm trying to get Hartmut Geerken's wants/trade list. Can someone point the way for me?

I have many more questions, but I'll try to complete my journey through the archives first.

Gilbert Hsiao