World Wide Web - Rating Ra's Records

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World Wide Web - Rating Ra's Records

Have any of you, like me, felt the urge to share with the world exactly what you think about everything that you listen to? Well, for those of us with Web access and time on your hands, there are centralized facilities available whereby you can do just that.

I found a database of album reviews recently and noticed that there was no Sun Ra present on it. I've rectified that by adding a couple of reviews for things I listened to this weekend. I don't know whether there are any other databases out there open for user input, but this one seems like a good facility to me.

Whatever portion of SATURN readers might be motivated to help me to fill this thing out, I'm sure that we can make available to the world a wealth of opinion regarding Sun Ra's catalogue. If you do get interested in doing this, before you can comment on an album, somebody (frequently, you) must enter the album's data in. This should include the catalogue #, track listing, and many reviewers are kind enough to put in the track times also. Year of release is also required information. In my haste I've put reviews in for other artists without having all of the info at my fingertips - trying to rely on memory or skipping over what I didn't know - but in retrospect that was probably not cool and, especially if a few of us approach this, it would be good form not to put in an album's info unless you have all of the information at your fingertips. Personally, I've been listening to them within a day or two of reviewing them, too. I would think that comments based on memory would be entirely appropriate.

To get to this database :

It's at

I've had trouble accessing it. What works for me is to :

  1. Go to Webcrawler at
  2. Search on the string "Captain Beefheart" (Sun Ra returns many, many listings I think).
  3. On the second page of links, choose the one "Artists in the Database)
  4. You should be there.

There seems to be a lot of stuff there already, so I wouldn't think that we'll be overloading this database anytime soon. The database has been provided by a kind soul named Andy Burnett.

Are there any other large databases out there that are open for user input?

                                      Scott M.