upcoming Arkestra dates

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Margaret Grimes
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upcoming Arkestra dates

Pollstar is showing these upcoming Arkestra dates:

Wednesday, June 1Oth, New York, NY [that's the Vision Festival's Marshall Allen Lifetime Achievement Day, previously posted to this list]

Sunday, June 21st, West Oak Lane Festival, Philadelphia, PA

Saturday, September 26th, Duke University, Durham, NC.

Here's some contact information:

http://www.visionfestival.org/schedule.php, info@visionfestival.org, 212-254-542O.

http://www.westoaklanefestival.com, lifelinemusic@comcast.net, 215-927-6884.

http://dukeperformances.duke.edu, performances@duke.edu, 919-66O-3356, tickets@duke.edu, 919-684-4444.